What Are The Basic Boxing Footwork?

boxing footwork

Practice boxing footwork is to control the safe distance, no distance has even heavier punches can not hit people, who control the distance, you can want to fight, want to run away. Let boxing opponents see that it is not hit, always passive.

We start with the most basic footwork, explaining the basic slide and basic hop of boxing footwork.

boxing footwork

Basic Boxing Footwork: Slide / Shuffle Steps Drill

Basic movements: the body to maintain a boxing standing style, and pay attention to the foot position can not be deformed. Stomp on the back leg, and step on the front leg, after the front leg is stabilized, the back leg follows and returns to the position, and the boxing stance of the upper body remains unchanged.

Action Points:

  1. Use the thighs and feet with a sense of support, the wrists and knees with elasticity, and the whole leg to the feet and legs to form a supportive plus elastic whole; the back leg is responsible for pedaling forward, and the front leg supports the brakes.
  2. Always keep the core stable, with no highs and lows to destabilize the core. For example, if a person is jumping upwards during a slide, they will float, that is not a powerful punch, it has to feel like a truck parallel to the forward stroke, not jumping upwards.
  3. Keep your center of gravity in the middle, not leaning forward and backward and destroying your body’s center of gravity. Keeping the center of gravity is the only way to be coherent in subsequent movements. If your center of gravity is broken, you will lose consistency.
  4. The core, hip, hip, and waist should be relaxed and cooperate, not tight, the upper body should be relaxed, with the two legs of the stirrups step, to achieve the overall coordination from the feet to the head. If the upper body is not coordinated, the skating will feel like the legs are carrying stones, very clumsy and laborious.
  5. Two feet slightly inward buckle, not outside eight deformations, some freshmen do not pay attention to this point, two feet outside eight and so on, the foot position must be slightly inward buckle to keep it, otherwise it will seriously affect the speed of the footwork later.
  6. Returning to position: always stay in the boxing standing position, and return to position immediately after the slide is completed to complete the full movement.

Basic Boxing Footwork: Jumping Steps Drill

Both feet jump together, front and back, left and right in four directions, in practice, the front and back of the jump step is the main. During the jump, pay attention to keeping the center of gravity, in addition to forward, the back leg forward stirrups are more involved. Backward, the front leg stomps to allow the body to move backward, but the support and stomps out of the ground are still mainly the back leg.

Action Points:

  1. Use leg stirrups: Slide is also a double leg support, double leg stirrups to slide, both legs always keep support, to have a stable triangle support to hit a variety of punches.
  2. Two feet slightly natural inward buckle, can not external eight lead to deformation of the foot position, some new students do not pay attention to this point, two feet external eight and so on, the foot position must be slightly inward buckle to keep it, otherwise it will seriously affect the speed of the footwork later.
  3. The core, hips, hips, and waist should be relaxed and cooperate, not tight, the upper body should be relaxed, with the two legs of the stirrup stride, to achieve overall coordination. Keep the core stable. Can not jump upward, to ensure the stability of the body, landing can send out a powerful punch, and the body to float upward will lose the foundation, landing can not hit a powerful punch.
  4. The hip bone is more responsible for keeping stability, and the waist is more responsible for flexibility. Slip jump step is when the body’s core moves slightly together, to form a whole coordination, such as to the jump step, the core and the upper body should also have a kind of forward feeling (note that just a feeling rather than a large-scale action), so that the upper body will have a kind of coordinated and cooperative feeling. If the upper body is completely stiff and immobile, with just two legs and two feet to jump, it will feel like humping a big stone as heavy and difficult!
  5. Keep the center of gravity in the middle: never favor the body, leaning forward or backward will affect the continuity of the movement. The center of gravity of the body should always be kept in the middle.
  6. Attention to return to the position: during the slide and after the landing of the two legs to maintain a normal distance between the two legs, the distance between the two legs can not be changed, otherwise it affects the coherence! At the same time, you should keep the boxing hold, move back and forth without dropping your hands, and not be too sideways resulting in a straight line between the legs, etc.

Footwork is the basic technique for distance control. You need to train hard under the guidance of a professional trainer to form muscle memory so that boxing skills can be improved and be useful in actual combat. If you need more boxing lessons for beginners, go to our YouTube channel @createsomes and get it!

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