Top E-bike Company Review – How VELOTRIC Conquered the US E-Bike Market



In recent years, electric bicycles (E-Bike) have emerged on the international stage and become a shining star in the emerging industry. In this field, VELOTRIC is like a shining star, taking root in the US market with innovative positioning and successfully occupying market share with its unique advantages and strategies.


The story of VELOTRIC begins in 2020.

At the end of 2020, the three founders, Zhang Xi, Xiao Xiaotao, and Sun Zhen, already have rich experience in their respective fields. They worked hard at Lime, the largest electric sharing platform in Europe and the United States, and honed their technology and innovation capabilities.

First of all, the outbreak of the epidemic has driven the surge in online shopping in the United States. Various E-bike brands that rely on online channels have begun to expand, and VELOTRIC has followed the trend.

Secondly, with the increase in home life, users’ consumption habits have undergone fundamental changes, work and life are gradually integrated, and the demand for outdoor activities has risen sharply. Electric bicycles have become an ideal choice to meet this demand.

As a brand-new overseas brand, VELOTRIC created more than US$15 million in sales in less than a year after its independent website went online in May 2022.

They have established cooperative relationships with 300 offline dealers in North America and plan to work with more dealers this year.

Founder Zhang Xi firmly believes that the popularity of electric bicycles is not short-lived, but a long-term trend. He came to this conclusion after spending a year observing the market before founding VELOTRIC.


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