Tesla Begins Deliveries of Cars Preloaded with FSD-Assisted Driving Feature

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On October 1, @WholeMarsBlog said that Tesla has begun delivering models with FSD Beta pre-installed, which means FSD users can experience FSD functionality as soon as they pick up their cars, without having to apply for a beta test or wait to download an update.

Of course, new FSD purchasers or those transferring an FSD from another vehicle to a new one can try it now without waiting. It’s also worth noting that if you choose to purchase an FSD after picking up your vehicle, you can get a free refund within 48 hours for $12,000!


Prior to this, users who purchased FSD had to download a software update in order to install the FSD Beta, which usually required a wait of several weeks.

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In April of this year, Musk said that Tesla will realize full autopilot by the end of this year, and the FSD v12 version is coming soon. Musk also said that the upcoming FSD v12 version will no longer be a beta version and that large-scale adjustments will be made to the functionality when the version is released.

In August, Musk also live-streamed his experience with the FSD v12, where the car could carry him anywhere in Palo Alto, California.

It’s worth noting that today (U.S. time) is also the last day of the FSD’s temporary offer, which gives customers the option to transfer the FSD from their old car to a different, newer one, as long as they pick up their car on September 30th. However, it’s also been previously reported that Tesla may grant relief to customers who place orders before this date, offering extensions to any customers who “deliver in good faith” by the end of the month.

Earlier this month, Walter Isaacson detailed an update on the FSD beta in a Musk biography. He noted that instead of a “rules-based” approach, Tesla’s FSD will be based on network paths and that the FSD system’s neural network will rely more heavily on real-world footage from real drivers for training.

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