Smart Music Boxing Machine Review

Music Boxing Machine Review

Introduction: Smart Music Boxing Machine is a new product for many people. It’s home workout equipment and a super cool toy gift. If you have too much pressure at work and need to exercise to release stress, or if you need to vent your frustration over a fight with your girlfriend, or if you need to find new entertainment for a friend’s get-together, you may want to consider this home fitness and entertainment equipment. There are always many good and bad music boxing suppliers and products on the market. This report is to help everyone better understand the product of a music boxing machine so that you can make the right choice when purchasing.

1. What is a Music Boxing Machine?

The Musical Boxing Machine is a home fitness and entertainment device.

The music boxing machine consists of two parts: the boxing machine hardware and the music boxing APP. In the APP, you can choose the dynamic music you want to listen to, and the LED light strip and beads on the boxing machine hardware will light up with the rhythm of the music. At this time, you can hit the boxing target according to the rhythm of the music.

The music boxing machine can be a new choice for your home gym equipment, which adds more fun when you exercise at home. It is also a new choice for your family entertainment equipment. You can box with your children and family to increase family happiness. You can also invite friends to play together at gatherings, making them remember this family gathering deeply. The music boxing machine is also your friend or companion. When you are under work pressure, quarrel with your girlfriend, or have other unhappy events, it can help you release stress and unhappiness through boxing.

2. Smart Music Boxing Machine Video Review And Free Download Product Introduction

We are the manufacturer of the music boxing machine. If you want to watch more 4K high-definition product videos of the music boxing machine, you can go to our YouTube channel to check them out. The link to our channel is:


3. Who is the leading brand of music boxing machines?

The answer is Liteboxer, but it is too expensive, and its price makes it difficult for ordinary consumers to support it.

music boxing machine APP

Liteboxer starts at $1,495 for its wall-mounted basic package that includes hand wraps and a pair of boxing gloves, plus $30 a month for membership. The wall-mounted pro package, which includes two pairs of hand wraps, two pairs of gloves, and a yoga mat, costs $1,595. And if you can’t mount the Liteboxer on the wall (it requires wood studs or a concrete or brick wall), the floor stand packages cost $1,695 and $1,795, respectively. The stellar boxing and strength training workouts are sure to give boxing aficionados a fun, well-rounded workout, but it’ll cost ya.

4. How much is a Liteboxer? Is Liteboxer worth it?

FAQ about music boxing machineThe leading brand of music boxing machines is  LiteboxerThe fastest-growing brand is One-Punch™
How much does a music boxing machine cost?$1,495 $650 
Additional music subscription fees are required to be paid separatelyIf we use our own music, will the lights pair with it creating rhythms to follow the lights or will it just play music with no lights?
don’t need to subscribe to new music. Support AI music algorithm; Support custom music rhythm; Play 500 songs of selected popular music (music library is updated regularly)
Additional music subscription fees are required to be paid separatelyNoYes, RGB infinitely adjustable light color 255 colors; Indicator light guides the hitting position; The lights appear according to the rhythm of the music

Depends. Do you have $1,495 to invest into your initial start-up, plus $29 a month for premium access to the app? Will you mind that it’s just boxing and not kickboxing, or that you can’t perfect your hook? 

This piece of equipment is fun and novel in much the same way DDR is in an arcade, but whether you have the budget and will actually use it frequently enough to make it worth the money is a personal call. It’s a fantastic highlight for a gym with other toys to play with but as your sole workout, not so much — especially since your hands likely can’t take the daily beating. 

5. Are there any better music boxing machine options out there?

The Answer is Yes! The best alternative to Liteboxer is One-punch.

music boxing machine gloves
music boxing machine
music boxing machine

6. Liteboxer vs. One-Punch™ Music Boxing Machine

Price$650 $1,495 
Shipping Pricefree shipping worldwideOnly supports free shipping in the United States


1 Nano Velcro
1 power adapter

1 data extension cable


1 Mobile phone holder 

hand strap
A pair of custom boxing glovesA pair of custom boxing gloves
Play 500 songs of selected popular music (the music library is updated regularly)
Support AI music algorithm
Support custom music rhythmnot support

The strike panel is ergonomically designed

Lighting effect

RGB infinitely adjustable light color 255 colors
Built-in 128 LED lamp beads

The strike panel is ergonomically designed

The lights appear according to the rhythm of the music

product quality
children’s skin-friendly material

Beat violently, the rebound is obvious, and there is a sense of impact

Strike panel is ergonomically designed

Can be a variety of combination boxing mode
Can withstand impact weight 200kgLoad about 150kg

APP intelligent interconnection

Exclusive smart app

5.0 Bluetooth high-speed communication
Built-in mass music
Less built-in songs and fewer languages

Update popular songs every week

hit scoring system

1V1 Exclusive Fitness Course

Exclusive after-sales service customer service

One-year warranty, lifetime maintenance


7. The buyer said the music boxing machine is a great gift.

Smart music boxing machine - Createsomes

Let’s Review it again and purchase this very cool toy gift for your best friend. Lastly, we want to sincerely suggest you use PayPal to purchase this product, choosing PayPal buyer protection can give you 100% confidence in online shopping. Thank you.

Smart Music Boxing Machine

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8. Music Boxing Machine reviews from other popular media

I found a review of the music boxing machine on Esquire. The reviewer describes the Liteboxer as a smart heavy bag that is studded with six sensors that light up in patterns. The sensors light up to the beat of some familiar songs, which makes the workout compelling and fun. The Liteboxer app has pre-loaded training classes and sparring sessions that last anywhere from one short song to a full 30 minutes, and they get into body-weight conditioning workouts. You can adjust them for your fitness level. The reviewer also mentions that the Liteboxer is an excellent cardio workout, builds muscle mass, and melts fat.

I also found a review of the music boxing machine on Cerymium. The reviewer describes the Music Boxing Machine as a great way to get a full-body workout while having fun. The machine is easy to use, and you can customize your workout by choosing your favorite music. The reviewer also mentions that after 30 minutes of working out with the Music Boxing Machine, they felt a new tone in their arms and shoulders, and they woke up sore in their hips and quads.

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