Smart Music Boxing Machine Review

2024 Smart Music Boxing Review

Smart Music Boxing Machine is a new home boxing workout equipment and a super cool adult toy gift in 2024. Today we have compiled this report as the original manufacturer of the Smart Music Boxing Machine, and we hope it will help you understand this product better and help you make the right decision in the buying process.

1. What is a Smart Music Boxing Machine?

The Musical Boxing Machine is a home fitness and entertainment device that consists of two parts: the boxing machine hardware and the music boxing APP. In the APP, you can choose the dynamic music you want to listen to, and the LED light strip and beads on the boxing machine hardware will light up with the rhythm of the music. At this time, you can hit the boxing target according to the rhythm of the music.

The best part is that the app has designed a global PK mode for you, you can see your score after hitting a piece of music, which is very cool, maybe you are the boxer with the best tempo in the world.

How Smart Music Boxing Machine Punching Bag Works?

The core component of our smart musical boxing machine consists of a snowflake-like-shaped striking panel, complete with six separate target zones with powerful sensors. When boxing, the runway light emanates from the center of the guard and is directed toward one of the six-hit zones. The user simply hits the target when it lights up, and the sensor is colored differently for a correct hit and for a timeout or wrong hit.

smart music boxing machine

However, simple light changes are not enough to get immersed. So, we also add a musical element. Combine the light changes with the music melody, and in the time it takes for a few songs, the daily exercise goal is reached.

smart music boxing machine

Technical parameters and package details of the Smart Music Boxing Machine

Music Boxing Machine buyer show
The smart music boxing machine is really big fitness equipment

Smart Music Boxing Machine APP Screenshot

Onepunch music boxing machine APP screenshot 1

AI data support and APP perfect interactive experience, let you know in time how hard you punch, and the accuracy of the rhythm.

Competitive mode with timely scoring allows you to PK with players from all over the world.

You can select or upload your favorite music for a personalized workout.

  1. Smart APP Cloud Platform 
  2. Global competition mode is so fucking cool!
  3. Boxing counter display
  4. Calorie consumption display
  5. Boxing measurement display
  6. Self-selected music
  7. Bluetooth connection APP control
Onepunch music boxing machine APP screenshot 2
Onepunch music boxing machine APP screenshot 3

RGB infinitely adjustable light color 255 colors;

The indicator light guides the hitting position;

The lights appear according to the rhythm of the music.

Smart Music Boxing Machine

What are the benefits of smart music boxing?

Because the smart music boxing machine combines music, boxing, lights, and a smart APP perfectly, so does a new wave of home fitness equipment and adult toys lets it bring us different values in different scenes. Some of the ideas and summaries below are from real user voices, and I thought you might want to consider them as well.

The Value of Musical Boxing for Home Fitness Enthusiasts

When you are fighting against the traditional boxing bag every day, you may feel lonely and difficult to insist, at this time the music boxing machine’s intelligent lighting, intelligent target, dynamic music, and APP global PK mode will inspire your motivation to exercise and fitness, make the original monotonous training more interesting and easier to insist. Just like the video below.

The value of musical boxing to friends and family

As a couple, it could be a great birthday or anniversary gift for you to give each other.

Secondly, as a friend, music boxing is a good choice for a gift, like the feedback given by this customer in the screenshot below. Use & Gift!

Smart music boxing machine - Createsomes

The value of music boxing to a company’s team

One of our clients in the Czech Republic, who is helping the company with the Team Building Program, thinks that music boxing adds a new program to the company’s team-building activities and allows the employees to have fun! As he mentioned in his e-mail.

Where can I buy the best smart music boxing machine?

Haha, when you came to this page, you have found one of the best music boxing machine suppliers on the net. But I need to give you some kind advice about this.

My biggest piece of advice is to warn you that the so-called smart music boxer products sold on Amazon and many websites are not useful, they are just pieces of hard plastic. and they are pitifully small, so please don’t be fooled by the glorified pictures and the low prices. This industrial garbage is an insult to the intelligence of the consumer.

The screenshots above are some of the products that buyers have complained to us about.

Smart APP we have already demonstrated earlier, the real smart music boxing machine is made of ABS + PC + EVA + leather wrapping material, the dimensions are: 21.6 × 5.1 × 23.6 in, the weight is 21 kilograms, the only way he can withstand close to 440 pounds of striking force.

Leather-wrapped for maximum noise reduction
Children’s skin-friendly material
smart music boxing machine buyer review
smart music boxing machine buyer review
smart music boxing machine buyer review1
One-Punch™ smart music boxing machine

Also, check out our unboxing video

Well, to summarize:
Today we have explained to you what the Smart Music Boxing Machine is, what it is worth to you, and how to buy a real Smart Music Boxing Machine product. All in all, Smart Music Boxing is a brand new concept to most people, and it will bring you a new home fitness and entertainment experience, so we hope this information is helpful to you, please come back to the homepage of our website to unlock a new way to play boxing on the wave of technology.

Smart Music Boxing Machine

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⭐️Tempo changes? You got this. Our Rhythm Technology syncs each light to the beat, helping you to stay on track no matter how challenging the combo is. “Chase the lights!” 🚚FedEx and UPS as carriers. The item weighing up to 8kg can be delivered within 7 days. (The gift will be shipped separately from the…

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