Smart music boxing machine manuals

music boxing machine

The music boxing machine is a brand-new product for many consumers. This article is a product manual for this product, which can help fitness enthusiasts better understand the music boxing machine.

Smart Music Boxing Machine Installation instructions for wall mounting

  1. The holes for the bracket are holes 2, 4, 6, and 8.
    FLOXOM Music Boxing Machine - De gaten
  2. The phone holder is attached to the braces
    FLOXOM Music Boxing Machine - De gaten 1
  3. Draw four holes that match with the bracket on the wall
    FLOXOM Music Boxing Machine - De gaten 2
  4. Screw the Boxing Machine to the wall
    FLOXOM Music Boxing Machine - De gaten 3

Velcro fastening installation

  1. The Velcro is placed on the backside
    FLOXOM Music Boxing Machine - De gaten 4
  2. Remove the paper from the top
    FLOXOM Music Boxing Machine - De gaten 5
  3. Stick the Boxing Machine on the wallFLOXOM Music Boxing Machine - De gaten 6
  4. Finally, pull the bottom half of the paper offFLOXOM Music Boxing Machine - De gaten 7

Smart Music Boxing Machine Instructions for Use

music boxing machine
1To adjust
3Charging input
4Box pads
5Fixing wall
6Phone holder
7Long press during 3 seconds – on/off
82 short press mode change
93 short presses – music change
10No background music endless mode
11No operation of the device five minute sleep mode
12Twenty minutes automatic shutdown

Smart Music Boxing Machine Problem-solving

Error Reason Solution
No lights, no musicNot bootedHold SET for 3 seconds
No lights, no musicEmpty batteryPlease charge
The lights flashBattery level too lowCharge up
No data in the app after punchesPunch too softTry to hit harder
Cannot boot after long press SETPower shortage of chip through not starting for a long timeSET repeatedly long impressions
The internal crash sound of the testerOriginating from an internal tense structurenormal phenomenon


  • Fix the device to a solid wall. Only hit the circles. Hit the corners and the display to prevent hand injury or damage to the device.
  • Not suitable for children under 5 years. Children over 5 years old must be under the supervision of an adult. Leg and knee thrusts are prohibited.
  • If the device does not turn on, check whether the power is too high is low. Please charge the device in time and the duration should not exceed 8 hours. load once every 1-2 months, even if it is not used for a long time.
  • The device is not waterproof. Do not disassemble the device to clean. Only use a damp cloth to clean the surface sweep.
Smart Musical Boxing Machine Product Manuals

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