Alphay Cervical Neck Traction Device

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Alphay Cervical Neck Traction Device gently stretches neck muscles allowing the vertebral discs to realign, freeing the nerve root tissue from pressure. Neck muscles slowly relax allowing misaligned vertebrae to resume the natural 20-degree curve. The size of the device can be adjusted as well as the strength of traction.

The treatment of cervical spondylosis is divided into non-surgical treatment and surgical treatment, and traction is the main means to relieve the symptoms of cervical spondylosis in non-surgical treatment. Effective traction can relieve muscle spasms in the neck, relieve pain, increase intervertebral space and intervertebral foramen, stabilize the nucleus pulposus and annulus fibrosus, relieve nerve root compression and stimulation, and promote nerve root edema absorb and relieve the compression of the vertebrae to the vertebral artery, promoting blood circulation, facilitating local congestion and hyperplasia, dissipating the joint capsule, relaxing and restoring the hook joint, adjusting the joint dislocation and vertebral spondylolisthesis, adjusting and restoring the damaged cervical vertebrae balance and restore the normal function of the cervical vertebrae.

Neck Relief
Alphay Cervical Neck Traction Device
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