Product Principle of Intelligent Music Boxing Machine

Music Boxing Machine

Createsomes is a consumer electronics company that provides a smart fitness platform. Our company combines rhythmic technology with trainer workouts to bring fitness home. Intelligent Music Boxing Machine is a fitness machine and a music game. Jason founded the company in 2021 in Ontario, California, United States.

How Intelligent Music Boxing Machine Hardware Works?

The core component of our intelligent musical boxing machine consists of a snowflake-like-shaped striking panel, complete with six separate target zones with powerful sensors.

When boxing, the runway light emanates from the center of the guard and is directed toward one of the six-hit zones. The user simply hits the target when it lights up, and the sensor is colored differently for a correct hit and for a timeout or wrong hit.

Product Principle of Intelligent Music Boxing Machine

However, simple light changes are not enough to get immersed. So, we also add a musical element. Combine the light changes with the music melody, and in the time it takes for a few songs, the daily exercise goal is reached.

Intelligent Music Boxing Machine APP Screenshot

Onepunch music boxing machine APP screenshot 1

AI data support and APP perfect interactive experience, let you know in time how hard you punch, and the accuracy of the rhythm.

Competitive mode with timely scoring allows you to PK with players from all over the world.

You can select or upload your favorite music for a personalized workout.

Onepunch music boxing machine APP screenshot 2
  • Smart APP Cloud Platform 
  • Global competition mode is so fucking cool!
  • Boxing counter display
  • Calorie consumption display
  • Boxing measurement display
  • Self-selected music
  • Bluetooth connection APP control
Onepunch music boxing machine APP screenshot 3

RGB infinitely adjustable light color 255 colors; Indicator light guides the hitting position; The lights appear according to the rhythm of the music.

Our products vs. the crap

Music Boxing Machine
electronic boxing machine 2
electronic boxing machine 1
Smart music boxing machine size details
Music Boxing Machine buyer show

The biggest difference between our smart music boxing machine and other boxing machines on the market is that we have our independent APP, which can be linked with the boxing machine via Bluetooth, and you can choose or upload your favorite music in the APP to follow the rhythm of the boxing exercise.

The music boxing machines on the market, especially on Amazon, don’t have the APP, the flashing lights are not bouncing to the rhythm of the music, the size of the product is very small, and the material used for the boxing target is hard plastic, which is very noisy and easy to be broken.
Our product is a very big piece of equipment, choose to use ABS+PC+EVA+Leather material, which makes the boxing able to withstand 440 pounds of impact, and at the same time, the 4 layers of EVA material greatly reduce the noise of the strikes, and will not disturb your family and neighbors.

If you want to experience the fun of smart musical boxing, please browse our product page for details of musical boxing machine products.

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