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Createsomes Back Brace is built on a long history of customer satisfaction, and we would not have made it without you. That’s why we want you to be 100% confident in your purchase and with each posture corrector you get a LIFETIME Warranty, no questions asked!

back brace for posture


The Back Brace posture corrector aims to relieve chronic back pain and make long working or standing hours a breeze to get through. By aligning properly your posture, it takes pressure off of key areas, thus alleviating back, neck, shoulder and clavicle pain.


Our proprietary design is orthopedically created to correct your posture in the most comfortable way possible for chest sizes of 30″ to 43″. Fully adjustable and breathable, you can easily wear it even under your clothes, and conquer your day in a pain-free fashion.

back brace for posture


Start wearing our back straightener for 5-10 minutes per day and then raise the time to an hour or two at a time. After a while, you will notice you stand taller, look healthier and feel absolutely better- all on your own!

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Posture Corrector Device Buyer's voice

Ordered this because I was having issues with my wrist and it was getting to a point where i could not type or write. Arrived next day via Amazon and after wearing for one day, I was able to be back to my old self. I have worn it a few times since and love how flexible and comfortable it is.

V. Goldman

Ive been dealing with carpal tunnel and trigger finger for about 2 months roughly to the point where i couldnt pick up any of my children. ( 5 month & 2 year old) I type every day for my job and it was becoming a real struggle to use my right hand until i got this brace. Within 2 weeks of using this product i could tell of a huge difference the pain started to subside tremendously, my numbing and tingling feeling finally started to go away. I used it for about 3 weeks total until i started to feel better, then just switched to using it at night. I only use it when it gets really bad, but i needed something until i could see a dr and this helped me out very much.

Kyle Eagle

I have been having wrist pains and a friend suggested I get a brace to sleep in. This brace is good as it’s small but supportive. I’m a lady with medium sized hands and it works well for both hands. Personally it felt more comfortable if I left my thumb out. I know that’s not the intended use but it seemed plenty supportive and I definitely noticed a difference in my wrists each night I slept with it on. Solid product and works as described.

Ada Sheid

Questions related posture corrector

A back brace is a device a person may wear to support their back. Some believe they may reduce back pain, prevent injuries, promote recovery, and encourage correct posture and proper spine alignment.

A back brace usually features elastic compression bands, rigid plastic or metals, or a combination of both. They come in either custom-fitted or prefabricated designs. Prefabricated or “off-the-shelf” types are readily available and do not require fitting and molding.

An individual may need a back brace for the following reasons:

  • spine stabilization after trauma or injury
  • to correct posture issues
  • for work activities or lifestyles that increase the risk of back strain or injury

A doctor or medical professional can advise on when using one is safe or beneficial.

Spine immobilization through bracing is beneficial post-surgery. It allows structures to heal, maintains correct alignment, and reduces spinal compression.

It may also be helpful for people with back conditions such as:

These devices help limit micromotions in the spine to reduce slippage and pressure, easing pain and making daily movements tolerable.

2020 studyTrusted Source found that various back braces, including spinal orthoses, lumbosacral orthoses, and thoracolumbosacral orthoses (TLSO), help improve pain and disability during short-term use, without causing adverse effects.

Back braces may also prevent further spine curvature in people with scoliosis. A 2021 study found back braces led to significant improvements in infants with idiopathic infantile scoliosis.

A back support or belly band may also be beneficial for pregnant people. A 2017 analysisTrusted Source found that pregnant people who wore pelvic belts reported less pelvic pain during their pregnancy.

  • Size: MNT chooses products that fit a range of sizes.
  • Function: MNT chooses products suitable for lower and upper back pain.
  • Adjustability: MNT chooses products with adjustable straps to provide a more secure fit.
  • Price: MNT chooses products that fit a range of budgets.

Many medical experts agree that posture correctors offer instant pain relief and can train your body to maintain proper posture on its own. Posture correctors work best when used correctly and combined with postural exercises.

“If you have had a fall or think you may have fractured your hand or wrist, it is OK to wear a brace overnight until you can get to the doctor’s office,” says Dr. Delavaux.

It is recommended frequently that carpal tunnel braces be worn during the day and especially during activities that typically increase the symptoms of the condition. Repetitive motions such as typing or production line movements can especially worsen symptoms.

The brace is easy to put on and adjust – I can definitely tell the difference when I wear it and my posture is improving. I am using it to correct my rounding shoulders not for pain relief. Comfortable, adjustable support. Relieves my back and shoulder pain.

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