Mate60 RS, Huawei regained the power of ultra-high-end discourse

HUAWEI Meta 60 Rs

In September, despite the quiet appearance of the Huawei Mate 60 series, it still exploded in the whole network. After the flagship, folding screen, and other products through the vanguard program one another, the industry can not help but Huawei’s fall full scene on September 25th new conference to generate more expectations.
Huawei’s “Mate moment” is obviously more than these products that have long been familiar to the audience. On the day of the conference, Huawei dropped another final king bomb – ULTIMATE DESIGN extraordinary master and released a new ultra-high-end brand. Two new products, HUAWEI Mate 60 RS Extraordinary Master and HUAWEI WATCH ULTIMATE DESIGN Extraordinary Master, were launched simultaneously.

When the global terminal market is under pressure, and the giants have to reduce production in order to save themselves, why Huawei has done the opposite and launched the Huawei Extraordinary Master in a high profile? Behind the ultra-high-end brand, how does Huawei layout to return to the limelight?

Huawei’s Extraordinary Narrative, Reinventing the Ultra High-End

When it comes to Huawei’s ultra-high-end products, the most widely known is the Mate RS series. In 2016, Huawei’s Mate 9 inspired a high degree of enthusiasm in the market when it first partnered with Porsche, with a limited edition of 20,000 units quickly sold out and its price once speculated to be as high as 30,000 yuan in the secondary market. The core of why the RS series attracts the ultra-high-end market’s attention is not only the Porsche halo but also the fact that it combines the top-luxury brand with technology to create a sense of separation between the brand and technology. and technology with a sense of proportion.

From the first dual-curved screen product, each generation of RS has represented amazing black technology. The “sports car eye” design, self-developed flagship SoC, Beidou satellite, and other features have led the development of the ultra-high-end cell phone market. In contrast, the industry for several years, such as McLaren, Lamborghini BMW M series, and other luxury cars co-branded models of cell phones have come and gone, but no one can replicate this success!

Perhaps believing that the time is ripe, Huawei’s ambitions in the ultra-high-end market go further than just lending a hand. At a time when the economics of co-branding are hot, the brand has chosen to go in the opposite direction and to go inward on its own. This time, Huawei’s ultra-premium brand has been upgraded from Porsche Design to ULTIMATE DESIGN. This is also the extremely new proposition that Huawei puts forward to itself – how else can terminal products be made besides consumer attributes?


Looking at the global terminal giants, Huawei’s move to set up its own business is also risky and unique enough. Therefore, the choice of new products reveals the intention to seek stability in “danger”. Cell phones and watches are the most mature categories in Huawei’s terminals. It is no wonder that it chose to enter the ultra-high-end fast lane, first in the advantageous track to establish barriers.

After choosing the track, the next stop is how to define the product. When Huawei is the only one left on the stage, the move needs to be more thoughtful and careful. Taking a cue from other top luxury sectors, whether in cars, watches, fashion, or jewelry, ultra-high-end brands often represent the highest level of performance, with unique designs and looks, and a dedication to excellence in manufacturing and craftsmanship, making sure that every detail is flawless!

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