Liteboxer Rename to Litesport | From Reality To The Metaverse | Goodbye To Music Boxing

Respect to liteboxer -The pioneer of smart music boxing machines

Can Liteboxer Really Bring Weight to the Metaverse?

The update of VR technology has slowly affected our home fitness and entertainment. Liteboxer is a great example of this.

Liteboxer is a consumer electronics company providing a smart fitness platform. The company combines rhythm technology with workouts from trainers and brings fitness to home. It is an exercise machine as well as a music game. Jeffrey Morin founded the company in Hampton, New Hampshire in 2017.

Take A Look Back At The History Of Liteboxer

Liteboxer has raised a total of $37.4M in funding over 4 rounds. Their latest funding was raised on Mar 10, 2023 from a Venture – Series Unknown round.

Liteboxer Funding Round History:


Number of Lead Investors 2

Number of Investors 6

Liteboxer is funded by 6 investors. Eastward Capital Partners and Will Ventures are the most recent investors.

Investor Name 

Lead Investor 

Funding Round 



Eastward Capital Partners



Venture Round – Liteboxer



Will Ventures



Series A – Liteboxer



Raptor Group



Series A – Liteboxer



B. Riley Financial



Series A – Liteboxer



Nimble Ventures




Series A – Liteboxer



Timothy Mosley



Series A – Liteboxer



Will Ventures




Seed Round – Liteboxer


Liteboxer Product History

March, 2019

The original product model of the Liteboxer. Would you have imagined that this was what the concept of musical boxing originally looked like?

Liteboxer Meta


This is the musical boxing machine that Liteboxer was mainly promoting four years ago.

Liteboxer Smart Music Boxing Machine 1

March, 2022

Liteboxer is launching VR workouts, expanding beyond connected equipment and into the metaverse. Available on Oculus Quest 2 in March 2022, @liteboxer’s VR offering features instructor-led classes, curated playlists, and head-to-head workouts with friends.

Liteboxer VR

This is the 5-year product update history of liteboxer from 2017 to 2022, and we have seen its products gradually transition from smart music boxing machines to VR fitness products. Those years also happened to be the years when the concept of VR technology became popular around the world, and many large companies were all in the metaverse, especially Facebook, which we all know. Facebook changed its brand name to Meta, and today’s protagonist Liteboxer has also become Litesport.

The Liteboxer Is Serious Fitness Fun for Everyone,If You Can Chase The Lights On The Boxing Target

People pick up boxing for many reasons. For some, it’s an appreciation for the sport Pierce Egan once called “the sweet science of bruising” in his crucial 1812 work Boxiana. For others, it’s a means of gaining confidence and finding stress relief, as Prince Harry once did, citing boxing as a therapeutic act. And others simply turn to it as a means of physical fitness for a thorough, stress-relieving workout. Different Body Different Reason!

Liteboxer review

As an expert in smart music boxing machines, I guess part of the reason why the Liteboxer came into being may be hidden in these factors as well. Liteboxer Combining the hand-eye coordination of boxing and gaming, this exercise unit features six punch pads, with colorful lights spreading from the center to each pad. Hit the lights just as they reach their designated pad to earn points, either during guided Trainer Classes, in rhythm to Punch Tracks, or during Freestyle.

Pros And Cons Of Exercising At Home And Going To The Gym


  1. The first feeling is that the environment and atmosphere of fitness are different
  2. A home gym can’t be as fully equipped as a gym
  3. The gym has a trainer and friends who loves fitness. They can give you professional guidance.



  1. Going to a commercial gym is costly
  2. Going to the gym will take a lot of time on the way
  3. Going to the gym is a solo trip and cannot be accompanied by children and family


Again, different people have different options.


Essential Elements Of Daily Home Boxing

  • Punching bag
  • Boxing gloves
  • Dynamic boxing music and Wireless Bluetooth speakers with super good sound quality, like JBL, Harman-Kardon or Berlin Sound.
  • Boxing Hand wraps
  • Punch Tracker


All the necessary needs, Liteboxer has you covered.


Liteboxer creates additional new experiences, those experiences that you didn’t expect.

  • The smart app provides you with professional boxing training tutorials, especially for those who are new to boxing, especially friendly.
  • The APP provides PK mode. You can see the score of each punch of other players online, play with players from all over the world at home, and invite friends to compete together when you get together offline. These are all new gameplay and new experiences brought by the combination of traditional sports and intelligent software. Liteboxer gives you more social attributes.


Bottom Line

Ultimately, Many user loved the Liteboxer, not just for the exercise and instruction but for the social element it offers too. But that doesn’t mean they don’t recognize the downsides. The unit is obtrusively large, and no amount of fun or fitness can be worth sacrificing the space for those in small apartments or other limited spaces.

Think carefully. Liteboxer does offer some new possibilities for our home fitness with the help of technological innovation, but it’s all over,


Liteboxer offers a VR alternative for anyone who wants to take a swing at boxing. Whether you prefer the real-world experience with the Liteboxer unit or opt for the virtual alternative, one thing is for sure: it’s time to say goodbye to liteboxer smart music boxing machines.


Let’s look forward to others to create some new possibilities for us.

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