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I love reciprocal links and will be happy to oblige in most cases. I mainly do reciprocal links with health, fitness, and E-commerce -related sites, but if you have something you feel relates well* then let ‘er rip.

Please choose one of the following variations of the link code to  Copy and paste the HTML code of your choice into one of your web pages to place the link on your site. Then contact me to let me know where the link appears on your site and what you’d like to have posted for your reciprocal link.**  Thanks.  Members.

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Link Code Variations 

Text link with the long description We are here to offer you the best boxing machine and correct posture corrector. Hope our product can help you create a healthy and happy life.

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link to us- createsomes

If you would prefer to have any of the linking images above on your system instead (to speed up page loading) feel free to save and upload them, and change the image URL in the link accordingly. If you have any problems please contact me – I’ll be happy to assist you.