Learn The Most Basic HIIT Workout Moves

There are many moves in the HIIT workout. Which are the most basic and best moves to stick to daily? We’re here today to advise and help you become a better version of yourself.

30 Minutes Full Body HIIT Workout Solution

75 Seconds(each move)

Cross Kicks – 十字踢腿

Squats – 深蹲

Shoulder Tap Pushups – 肩部触地俯卧撑

Superman – 超人动作

Side Plank(+leg lifts) – 侧平板(+抬腿)

Bridge lifts – 桥式举腿

Legs Downl – 腿部下放

Toe Touches – 脚尖触地

Russian Twists – 俄式扭体

Diamond Pushups – 钻石俯卧撑

60 Seconds(each move)

Butt Kicks – 臀部踢腿

Jumping Jacks – 跳跃开合跳

Skaters – 滑步跳

Jump Lunges – 跳跃弓步蹲

Mountain Climbers – 登山者

Burpees – 波比跳

Jump Squats – 跳跃深蹲

High Knees – 高抬膝

Box Jumps – 箱式跳跃

Tuck Jumps – 跳起蹲

Few things are better than the satisfaction felt after avoiding disaster a grueling and sweaty workout.
If you’re looking for a cardio workout that doesn’t require a trip to the gym, this 30-minute HIIT workout may be just right for you.

This workout will maintain high intensity for 30 minutes, incorporating various dynamic self-weight training exercises. These workouts include jumps and shortcuts that will increase your heart rate and help you burn many calories. You will feel the burn with this HIIT workout!

The Basic HIIT Exercise For Beginners

4 Minutes Free HIIT Workout Course For Adults

This free HIIT exercise course teaches you how to make full-body workouts at home. Burning your fat, Improving your core stretch, and Helping you to build a perfect body shape make you feel better and confident.

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