In which countries is boxing most popular, according to the latest research in 2023?

USA is the top 1 boxing country / createsomes

In the world. There are many different countries that All have a rich boxing history.

Based on an analysis of two factors, market size, and popularity, these 14 countries are the most favorite countries for boxing. (By Createsomes)Below, we’ll cover what makes boxing unique in each country and pick some of the best fighters from the countries listed.


USA Boxing

The United States is known as the home of boxing. It is undoubtedly the best boxing country ever.
The United States has the most world titles in boxing history, with a total of 431 world titles, almost three times as many as second-place Mexico, and there are now 18 world champions born in the United States.
While the popularity of boxing may be relatively low compared to other countries such as Mexico and the United Kingdom, the United States is unquestionably the king of modern boxing, at least for the time being.

2 England

UK Boxing

Most people divide Wales, Scotland, and England into three countries, but I’m going to lump them together.
The fighters from England are high in quality and quantity, and it also has an interesting boxing history similar to that of the United States.
Both countries went through a period where bare-knuckle fighting was the norm.
Arguably the most famous British boxer is heavyweight champion Lennox Lewis. The best active professional boxer in the UK is probably Anthony Joshua.

3 Mexico

Mexico Boxing

Mexico is a boxing powerhouse and is the only country where boxing matches can surpass soccer in terms of viewership.
Tens of millions of people watch boxing matches in Mexico, which has a long history of boxing.
The list of Mexican boxing greats includes Ricardo Lopez, Julio Cesar Chavez, Erik Morales, etc., and Mexicans love to watch boxing!
It’s safe to say that, with the exception of the United States, Mexico is the backbone of boxing in the Americas. Mexico is the only country that can rival the United States, and it is also – the greatest boxing nation of all time!
Mexico has produced over 200 champions in the history of boxing. Currently, there are a total of nine boxing champions from Mexico.
Currently, in Mexican boxing, I think Canelo Alvarez is the best Mexican boxer and the strongest candidate for P4P in boxing right now.

4 Russia

Russia Boxing

Imagine Cuba and the Soviet Union allowing their boxers to box professionally.
The landscape of boxing would be very different, it’s been almost 30 years since the collapse of the Soviet Union and now we are finally seeing a steady increase in top-class fighters from Russia.
The year 2021 is going to be an exciting year for Russian boxing, and it is likely that Russian fighters will be crowned world champions, like Bivol, Provodnikov, Botvikin, etc. The year 2021 is going to be an exciting year for Russian boxing, and Russian fighters are likely to be crowned world champions.

5 Japan

Japan Boxing

Japan is one of the most elite but underrated boxing nations in the world and they have an interesting All Japan Rookie Championship.
In Japan, two fighters from the same gym may not fight each other. The professional boxing scene in Japan is crowded with many highly skilled fighters.
The Japan Boxing Commission (japan Boxing Commission) believes that Japanese boxing will likely continue to perform well.
Japan dominates the smaller weight classes and Japan is ranked third in the world.
Japan has so many top fighters that it’s hard to pick a top Japanese boxer, like middleweight Ryota Murata and the current P4P top three “monster” Shoya Inoue!

6 Philippines 🇵🇭

Philippines Boxing

The Philippines is a strong boxing nation with a very interesting present and future.
The great Asian destroyer Manny Pacquiao propelled the development of boxing in this island nation.
There is a long list of formidable champions in Philippine boxing history, with a total of 43 world champions, like Verola and Donaire, and the greatest fighter of all time is undoubtedly Pacquiao.

7 Ukraine 🇺🇦

Ukraine Boxing

The future of boxing in the country of Ukraine is very bright, and since the collapse of the Soviet Union, boxers from all over the USSR have begun to compete professionally.
Oleksandr Usyk, a Ukrainian boxer, unified four titles.
Not so long ago, Ukraine did not exist, and the future will surely be better.
There are six boxing world champions in Ukraine, and arguably the best boxer in Ukrainian history is Klitschko.
And currently, Vasyl Lomachenko is the pinnacle of Ukrainian boxing, and he is probably the greatest technical boxer of all time.

8 Germany

Germany Boxing

Boxing is an important sport in Germany and has its own sanctioning body called the G.B.U.
In many German boxing matches there are large banquet-like tables for spectators to eat and drink while watching the fight.
Many foreign fighters spent most of their careers in Germany because of the large German market.
Klitschko was well-known in Germany because he spent most of his career there.
Arthur Abraham is one of the best German fighters at the moment, and in 2005 he beat Kingsley Ike in 5 rounds to win the IBF middleweight title.

9 Thailand 🇹🇭

Thailand boxing

The birthplace of Muay Thai has also been home to many great boxers who have won about 50 world titles, and currently, two world champions are from Thailand.
Their best boxer today is considered by most to be Amnat Lunlong, the
The best Thai boxer of all time is arguably Pongsaklek Wonjongkam Wong Kim Han.

10 Ireland 🇮🇪

Ireland Boxing

Ireland is known for boxing and mixed martial arts.
Similar to the malty red beer, Tolkien-esque landscapes, and rich Irish folk music, boxing is a staple activity in this country.
The Irish enjoy watching the big professional boxing matches and participating in the sport, winning a total of two gold medals at the Olympics, which is pretty good for a small country.
The Emerald Isle produced heavyweight boxers such as Steve Collins and Jimmy McLin.
The modern form of boxing we enjoy today was originally created in England. It wasn’t until Irish immigrants began boxing in the United States that Ireland really entered the ring.
However, Ireland has a long history of bare-knuckle fighting.

11 Cuba 🇨🇺

Cuba boxing

An island nation, Cuba, is a unique boxing nation, a socialist state that has banned professional boxing.
Cuba has produced three-time gold medalist Stevenson and the skillful Guillermo Rigondeaux, among others.
In its history, Cuba has won some 73 medals at the Olympics, about 40 of which were gold.
In professional competitions, they have won about 20 world championships.
Currently, Cuba’s best boxer is undoubtedly Rigondeaux, but the future of Cuban professional boxing is uncertain, but the dominance in the amateur field is certainly comparable to countries such as Ukraine and Kazakhstan.

12 Argentina 🇦🇷

Argentina Boxing

The only South American country on the list, this is the eighth largest country in the world in terms of area, with a population of 44 million.
The famous Argentinian Nicolino Loach, known as the “Wizard of Defense”, held the world light welterweight title from 1968 to 1972.
Middleweight great Carlos Monzon hails from Argentina, along with other impressive fighters such as former middleweight champion Sergio Martinez.
Their best fighter right now is arguably Marcos Maidana and legendary middleweight Carlos Monzon is considered the greatest Argentine in the ring.

13 Puerto Rico 🇵🇷

Puerto Rico boxing

Puerto Rico’s mainland population is less than 4 million, but there are about 12 million Puerto Ricans worldwide.
While it’s not as good as the United States or Mexico at producing elite boxers, it makes up for it with the quality of the boxers it produces.
De Jesus was the only boxer to beat Roberto Duran.
Benitez became Puerto Rico’s youngest boxing champion at the age of 17 and won the title three times at the age of 21.
Puerto Rico is arguably the only and first boxing nation to win titles in every division, with 59 world champions, which is pretty good for a global population of about 15 million.
They have a lot of great fighters like Pedraza, Machado, and Cueto.
However, there are fewer good fighters from Puerto Rico today, but it deserves to be on the list considering the ratio of population to world champions and the passion Puerto Ricans have for the sport.

14 Kazakhstan 🇰🇿

Kazakhstan Boxing

The tradition of amateur boxing in Kazakhstan began during the Soviet era, and according to the Kazakhstan Boxing Federation (KFB), there are more than 30,000 athletes practicing the sport in Kazakhstan.
Since 1996, Kazakh boxers have won at least one gold medal at every Olympic Games.
The rise of professional boxing is closely linked to the success of amateur boxing in this country.
Arguably the best boxer in Kazakhstan today is Gennady Gennadyevich Golovkin, nicknamed “GGG” or “Triple G”.
Between 2010 and 2018, he unified the middleweight world championship, holding the WBC, WBA (Super) and IBF titles.
In addition, Ring Magazine named him the number-one boxer in the world between September 2017 and September 2018.
As of August 2019, he is rated by the Transnational Boxing Ranking Board (TBRB), the Ring, and BoxRec as the world’s second-most active middleweight


The sport of boxing can be traced back as far as Egypt around 3000 BC.
Boxing was part of the ancient Greek Olympics in the late 7th century B.C. when bands made of soft leather were used to tie a boxer’s forearms and hands for protection.
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