How to Select an Authentic Smart Music Boxing Machine?

How to Select an Authentic Smart Music Boxing Machine

To buy the best music boxing machine, you must check if it’s a smart product or you won’t experience the joy of music boxing. How to buy the real music boxing machine, the first step for consumers before buying is to check whether the product you buy comes with a smart music boxing machine app

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Getting to the point, today’s update primarily aims to guide those interested in purchasing a smart music boxing machine. As smart music boxing machines are not cheap, it is crucial to make a rational and correct choice to prevent being deceived, wasting money, and your valuable time. (Most of today’s update stems from questions asked by customers before closing a deal with us.)


If you’ve been following the smart music boxing machine or the Liteboxer brand, chances are you’ve seen their ads on social media platforms like YouTube, Facebook, and Pinterest. The abundance of content can be overwhelming, making it hard to discern truth from fiction. Worry not. Today, Jason is here to systematically guide you through the maze, ensuring you avoid any pitfalls.


 (If this is your first encounter with the product, scroll down to the bottom of the screen. We recommend watching two real-life test videos of the smart music boxing machine. They will show you what genuine smart music boxing is, how to set it up, and how to use it.)

Let’s sort through the online content about the smart music boxing machine.


#1 Amazon Best Seller Smart Music Boxing Machine US.

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The smart music boxing machine is categorized under the fifth level of Boxing Gym Equipment on the Amazon platform.

As of March 22, 2024, TGLLM, a U.S. e-commerce seller, ranks third in the Boxing Gym Equipment category on Amazon. It appears that many American users are indeed purchasing music boxing machines, with the trend data showing a continuous increase in demand. This is likely why you’re seeing more ads for smart music boxing machines online. Their popularity has prompted increased marketing efforts and attracted more influencers and bloggers to the product. @KGSimpleReviews on YouTube testing the product is one such example.


Amazon Best Sale Smart Music Boxing Machine


You will often come across this listing in Google or YouTube search results. When these ads repeatedly envelop your computer and phone screens, there may come a day when you decide to make a purchase.

After comparing smart music boxing machines across the internet, you’ll notice that this product boasts appealing images, favorable reviews on e-commerce sites, and a leading sales rank. A $84 product that includes a built-in Bluetooth speaker, combined with its competitive price and trust in the Amazon platform to deliver the best shopping experience, makes it an attractive purchase. Ultimately, you click the payment button, completing your shopping journey and looking forward to the excellent home fitness and entertainment experience this cool product will bring.

If your demands for quality are modest and your budget is limited, or if you’re simply curious about music boxing machines, or looking for a playful gift for a child, then such a choice may seem reasonable.

However, if you’re in the market for a smart music boxing machine, similar to the sophisticated offerings from American company Liteboxer, you’re faced with a critical decision.

Products like those offered by TGLLM, which are priced under $500, lack genuine intelligence. They do not come with a proprietary app, and the images of smartphone applications you see are deceptive. In truth, these devices merely contain a low-cost Bluetooth speaker module within the boxing target, allowing for a basic connection to your phone’s music library and emitting simple sounds. Without a specialized app, these cannot be classified as smart music boxing machines.


Moreover, is it realistic to expect a quality wireless Bluetooth speaker in a product costing just over $80? A moment of frustration and a heavy punch could easily damage the built-in Bluetooth components and speaker, reducing it to mere plastic debris destined for the garbage.


The product is small in size, made entirely of hard plastic without any leather materials, and the thickness of the boxing target is insufficient. From the perspective of boxing or home fitness, it might not even qualify as a boxing target. It’s better suited as a toy for children, but the poor-quality, unpleasant smell of the plastic could potentially affect the health of your children and family members. This risk factor is significant.


So, if you’re merely curious, have a limited budget, and are not demanding about product quality, and tend to make impulsive purchases, you might consider trying it. Otherwise, I urge you to think it over rationally, despite its low price.  

# 2 Amazon Best Seller Smart Music Boxing Machine DE & UK.



Keywords: Musik boxmaschine.

The products listed on Amazon Germany and Amazon UK are similar to those on the Amazon US site.

Check out YouTube blogger MTS‘ unboxing test of the Music Boxing Machine on Amazon!

Amazon is the world’s most trustworthy e-commerce website, but it may not necessarily help you find the best smart music boxing machine.

Amazon ranks among the world’s premier online shopping platforms. However, the genuine smart music boxing machine entails high production costs, substantial app development and maintenance expenses, and significant logistical fees due to its large size. These factors mean you’ll seldom encounter true smart music boxing machines on Amazon.

If vendors of authentic smart music boxing machines chose to sell on Amazon, they would have to account for platform commission, shipping costs, advertising expenses, and the hidden costs of inventory storage and after-sales service system development. Consequently, the retail price of these products would not fall below $1,500. Only financially robust companies can afford such expenses, but the market for high-end smart music boxing machines is currently small. With only two manufacturers and corresponding software development companies worldwide, and given the market’s immaturity, manufacturers of genuine smart music boxing machines prefer not to open Amazon stores. Instead, they sell through their brand websites to establish comprehensive online and offline service systems, offering customers the best value for money and quality after-sales service.

How to Select an Authentic Smart Music Boxing Machine?

I appreciate your attention to my earlier words. As a specialist retailer in smart music boxing machines, I aim to provide you with professional guidance. That’s the real reason my website or blog exists.

A Brief History of Smart Music Boxing Machines

Smart music boxing machines were born out of technological progress and the advent of interconnected devices, carving a niche in the home fitness and entertainment market. The concept was first introduced by Liteboxer, a company that has since renamed itself Litesport and shifted its focus from smart music boxing machines to VR-based home fitness solutions. For those curious about Liteboxer’s journey, I have detailed it in another post on my site.


Liteboxer’s smart music boxing machine, launched in 2017, integrated traditional home boxing components—target, gloves, wraps, and a punch tracking system—into one. It uses a smart app to connect with the hardware, allowing target lights to flash in sync with music rhythms. Each accurate hit is recorded as a score, and in PK mode, users can compete with others. The dynamic music and app’s competitive features provide a unique experience whether you’re working out alone at home or playing games with friends.


The smart music boxing machine can be viewed both as a piece of home fitness equipment and as a rhythm game. What’s vital is that a single song can make you sweat profusely; competing in PK mode with friends and family opens up new possibilities for gaming and social interaction. Interestingly, a Czech team-building company has even considered purchasing these devices as a novel option for corporate events. Thus, it can also be used in office leisure areas or at outdoor training camps.


Liteboxer is an innovative company that created a new home fitness scenario. However, it’s time to say goodbye to Liteboxer’s smart music boxing machines. If you’re interested in the metaverse and virtual reality applications, keep an eye on Litesport, as their innovation continues.

The main manufacturers of smart music boxing machines now are One-punch and Hold-body.

One-Punch™ and Hold-body™ are two tech companies from China, with factories in China and Southeast Asia. Once fans of Liteboxer, they continued their journey in home fitness and entertainment even after Liteboxer ceased hardware production.


One-Punch™ might currently be the best smart music boxing machine brand on the market.

If you’re looking to learn more about the One-Punch smart music boxing machine, check out my YouTube channel for real-life videos. There, you’ll find all your questions answered about the One-Punch machine: what it is, how to install it, how to connect to the boxing machine app, and how to execute cool boxing moves.

Today, March 22, 2024, as experts in smart music boxing machines, we can confidently say that One-punch is currently the best in the market. Our three years of sales history have shown us that while most consumers find the product expensive, those who have made a purchase rarely, if ever, have complaints. We take great pride in this.


Hold-body might be your new choice for music boxing home fitness.

Hold-body is a new brand, currently available only in Southeast Asia, such as Thailand, with no sales actions in other regions yet. However, we look forward to its potential global rollout in 2024, as it may bring the price of genuine smart music boxing machines below $500.

(2) Original price was: $999.99.Current price is: $599.00.
(1) Original price was: $450.00.Current price is: $399.00.


Thank you for your patience in the latest update. If you’re a fitness enthusiast, please follow us on YouTube, Instagram, Facebook, etc., @Createsomes. You’re also welcome to contact us via email. We hope our products, content, and services will bright light to your home fitness and entertainment routine. That is the mission of Createsomes. Thank you.

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