How To Purchase The Best Music Boxing Machine

music boxing machine

In order to buy the best music boxing machine and not to waste your money on those junk products, you have to consider 5 major factors which are smart music boxing machine app, product weight, product material, merchant’s after-sales service system and price.

music boxing machine

Follow These Steps And Buy A Real Music Boxing Machine

  • Check the Music Boxing Machine’s iOS and Android APP
  • Check the Music Boxing Machine product weight
  • Check the Music Boxing Machine’s material
  • Check the Merchant’s after-sale customer service system
  • Check the Product Price

Step 1 : APP is the most important element of the music boxing machine

The best feature of the Smart Music Boxing Machine is that it allows you to hit the boxing targets to the rhythm of the music and shows you whether you hit the target correctly and records your score.

This feature not only works to improve your rhythm, but it also adds to the fun of a home boxing workout. Without the perfect combination of smart APP and smart hardware, then you can’t experience the real joy of music boxing.

So before you decide to buy a music boxing machine, make sure that the merchant you choose provides you with the best app and you can download and check his app first.

Step 2: Good music boxing machine should all weigh more than 8 kilograms.

In addition to helping you improve your rhythm and keep you exercising, the value of music boxing is that it is a way of life to unwind. Powerful punches need the best boxing target area to withstand them. A product that is too light is likely to be shattered by a single blow from your big fist!

So a good music boxing machine can’t be too light, at least it can withstand 200 pounds of force .

Step 3: Good materials that will help you dampen vibration and noise.

If you live in a smaller apartment and are worried about the noise of boxing affecting your neighbors, then a good musical boxing machine should be made with good shock absorbing, noise reducing materials.

Step 4: A good shopping experience requires a good after-sales service system

Music Boxing is actually a new technology that was developed by Liteboxer in the U.S. back in 2017, it is not a new product concept, but from 2023 the concept started to fire up again and also a lot of businessmen appeared who produced a lot of products that don’t seem to be the same in appearance. If you can’t tell which is a good music boxing machine, please make sure to check their after-sales service content before you buy, because a good shopping experience needs the best after-sales service system to support it.

Step 5: Don’t be fooled by low prices

If you live in a smaller apartment and are worried about the noise of boxing affecting your neighbors, then a good musical boxing machine should be made with good shock absorbing, noise reducing materials.

If you really want to experience the perfect combination of music, lighting, and boxing like in the video, then look no further than items under $400. Because it is impossible to make the most realistic music boxing with too low price. Liteboxer as the pioneer of musical boxing machine, his pricing is more than $1400 when the first product is launched in 2019.

But if you just want to have a simple experience or buy a small gift for your child then you can ignore this factor.

Who are the best music boxing machine suppliers?

Many consumers ignore the smart vs. non-smart product descriptions when purchasing the best music boxing machine.

This is because if a shopper purchases a non-smart musical boxing machine, then they are not able to experience the true experience of music and boxing, rhythm and striking.

So if you want to experience the best rhythm game effect in the video, please check with the merchant first if they are smart music boxing machines, or you can download the smart music boxing machine app first.

The Best Music Boxing Machine Suppliers List.

  1. Liteboxer. They are the pioneers of smart music boxing. Today Liteboxer has rebranded to Litesport, ALL in Metaverse. You can’t purchase a real Liteboxer Smart Music Boxing Machine, but you can find many Liteboxer music boxing machine videos, pictures, and reviews on the Internet.
  2. One-Punch. One Punch Music Boxing Machine is actually a Chinese brand and they were very successful in their home market in China between 2019 and 2022, and from 2023 onwards you will see all kinds of dynamic and cool music boxing videos on YouTube, Facebook, or other media outlets, 80% of which come from One-Punch’s original productions. Today there are two series for you to choose from, P1 and P2. We are the first official direct sales channel partner of One-Punch in the world, which is the official channel for you to buy with confidence. For proof, you can check out our YouTube channel history! @createsomes
  3. Others. As an expert in smart music boxing, I don’t have a better option to offer you. But I do recommend that you take a look at another article I have written before looking for the best smart music boxing machine.

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