How did VIVAIA become the top 10 in the European and American women’s shoe market?

VIVAIA shoes

Founded in 2020, VIVAIA is a young online footwear brand with a mission to “create the most stylish and sustainable footwear” with products that are luxurious and stylish, while being of high quality and affordable. In recent years, it has become one of the favorite fashion brands of European and American women.


Where is VIVAIA’s success reflected?

Nowadays, VIVAIA has a very high coverage rate in the European and American markets and has become the first choice brand for more and more women aged 25-44. In the market survey, the brand’s women’s shoes made of plastic bottles have entered the top ten in the industry.


Although there is a large gap compared with Skechers, the second-largest shoe brand in the United States, which was born in 1992, the data of other brands in the same industry is slowly rising.

This is a group of searches for the three brands VIVAIA, TATA, and CAMEL in the past year. It can be seen that in the US market, TATA has completely crushed the top ten brands in the industry, and even surpassed footwear in the past six months. The bulk of the American CAMEL brand.

The gradual influx of women in the Z era and the strengthening of environmental protection awareness may lead to the second wave of VIVAIA.

More and more people pay for environmental protection.

In recent years, due to the frequent occurrence of extreme weather and the influence of many factors such as global warming, consumer groups have paid more and more attention to environmental protection issues, especially consumers in Europe and the United States. It is not an exaggeration to reach the point of “obsession” in his pursuit.

Statistics show that sustainably produced products have a higher market share and growth rate than non-sustainably produced products.

  • Products labeled as sustainable now account for 17% of the overall market value
  • This is a 3.3% increase from 2015
  • Sustainable products account for a 32% market growth share
  • They are growing 2.7 times faster than traditional products (7.34% CAGR vs. 2.76% CAGR)

VIVAIA’S Environmental Protection and Humanities


The “V” and “A” from the opposite direction represent the design of the shoes worn by customers, and the double “I” symbolizes the bottle from which the shoes come, which is also the key element that connects our customers and us.

Simplicity and comfort are key

At the same time, fast fashion cross-border e-commerce has become popular. SHEIN, which is valued at 100 billion yuan, has surpassed Amazon to become the number one shopping app. ZAFUL has been on the list of Brand China’s top 50 global brands for three consecutive years. This all shows that Fast fashion is a direction worthy of attention. Of course, Createsomes is also a brand you can trust.

The core of fast fashion is this group of consumers of Generation Z. In the survey of Generation Z looking for popular clothing trends, the importance of comfort ranks first. The data shows that casual comfort is relatively popular among Gen Z male and female consumers.

Now, the composition of women in the workplace will gradually increase with the influx of Generation Z. The female users of VIVAIA are mainly women aged 25-34. VIVAIA, which combines fashion and comfort, is the choice of these groups. s reason.


Gender and age distribution of VIVAIA

  • In terms of materials, the upper made of recycled plastic bottles is skin-friendly and elastic, breathable, antibacterial, and convenient to travel and carry around.
  • On the upper, knitting technology is used to shape the upper, thereby reducing production waste by more than 30%. The honeycomb shape is comfortable and at the same time conforms to the aesthetics of European and American women, which perfectly fits the brand concept of fashion and sustainability.

In the Aria5 degree shoes designed by the VIVAIA design team, the width of the toe of traditional women’s shoes is narrow, which gradually does not conform to the human body, and it will feel slightly squeezed when worn. Therefore, VIVAIA adjusts the width of the toe in the series of products. 5 degrees more, people feel more comfortable.

VIVAIA has selected DTC (direct-to-consumer) mode

  • Effectively avoid “middlemen earning the price difference” and reduce costs
  • Directly facing consumers, can communicate with users at a faster speed, obtain feedback, and use the obtained data to drive product development
  • Display your own brand image through independent stations, official websites, social media, and other channels, communicate with potential users, and establish brand image These ideas, in the early days of brand establishment, VIVAIA found that there are a large number of users who support their brand concept on Facebook and Instagram

In an unfamiliar overseas market, how do consumers perceive VIVAIA’s environmental protection concept from 0 to 1? Mainstream media platforms such as Instagram, Facebook, and TikTok have naturally become the first choice for brand exposure. The brand has 993,000 fans on Instagram and more than 120,000 fans on Facebook.

VIVAIA Shoes Facebook

Taking Instagram as an example, the content VIVAIA publishes on Instagram is mainly about fashion, environmental protection, and life, covering product introduction, user sharing, and related activities of the brand itself. Not only the quality of the product is recognized by users, but also the cognitive recognition achieved after the concept of sustainable development has been deeply rooted in the hearts of the people.

VIVAIA Shoes Instagram

VIVAIA is also actively using user-generated content (UGC) to encourage consumers to share their photos and feelings about wearing VIVAIA shoes on Instagram and tag VIVAIA to stimulate user participation and loyalty.

VIVAIA’s supply chain strategy

As the country with the largest population base and one of the largest plastic production and consumption countries, China has a complete supply chain system. VIVAIA makes full use of China’s supply chain advantages to recycle plastic and make shoes.

With the continuous improvement of the overall supply chain, the materials for making shoes need to be continuously upgraded, and some raw materials will inevitably face the situation of being eliminated. Around the core values ​​of social development, products designed based on the common values ​​of all mankind will be an important label for consumers.

VIVAIA has always implemented the brand concept of environmental protection and sustainable human development and has set up a fund dedicated to helping soldiers, students, teachers, and other social groups. Looking back at the design and concept of VIVAIA, it is always for the sake of users, and the interaction and feedback with users are extremely high. Only when the brand has won the trust of consumers can the brand truly stand firm.


Thank you for reading. If you are interested in VIVAIA, you can leave me a message below to discuss. If you are interested, I will introduce you to more e-commerce website cases with sales of nearly 10 million US dollars.

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