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One-Punch Smart Music Boxing Machine APP

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  • Version: 3.8.3 (build 8)

  • Size: 52.5 MB

  • Updated: 2024-01-06
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Application Introduction

“ONEPUNCH” is an innovative fitness app that gives users an innovative boxing training experience! Whether you are a beginner or an experienced boxer, our app combines music and boxing to provide you with home boxing training anytime, anywhere. Selected jam designs will help users feel the rhythm and beat better during boxing moves. Whether you want to challenge yourself, exercise, or have fun, our APP can meet the needs and help boxing enthusiasts reach new heights in boxing training.

— The reason why everyone chooses ONE-PUNCH —

[A huge amount of music]

Thousands of dynamic pop music tracks are provided, each of which has been carefully selected to fit the rhythm of boxing. The timing of each punch is matched to the rhythmic jam of the music, so that users can better feel the guidance and motivation of the music during boxing training

[Playing richly]

-Customize mode: freely upload your favorite songs and custom edit the rhythm jam. Create a unique musical boxing training experience based on personal preferences and training needs
-Air Strike Mode: No specific music jam. Whether you’re practicing basic skills, letting off steam, or just enjoying the feeling of boxing, you’re free to do it all in this mode!
[PK Mode]
This mode supports: matching opponents online, or customizing the room to invite friends to fight against each other, and compete with many fighters on the same stage. Whether it’s against a matched opponent or with a friend, these features provide a true-to-life experience!
[Training Program]
Using intelligent algorithms to customize the daily training volume for users based on the basic data they fill in, and support viewing historical training data.
Welcome to join ONE-PUNCH family, train and compete with many boxing enthusiasts, share experience and skills, and work together to improve boxing skills.