Can Wittman MMA Gloves Mitigate Eye Pokes in MMA Fights?

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The patented design of Wittman MMA Gloves effectively mitigates the problem of eye-pokes in grappling. But whether the UFC as a business league will introduce it remains an open question.

Wittman MMA Gloves

ONXSPORTS.COM – Trevor Wittman

What are the best features of Wittman MMA Gloves?

With daily combat workouts, eye pokes have always been an existential risk. Whether you are an amateur boxer or a professional MMA fighter are very aware of this issue. Eye pokes raised an X-factor. ONX Gloves – Wittman MMA Gloves are designed to curve inwards organically and make a fist. This prevents fighters from spreading their fingers and causing (intentionally or accidentally) an eye poke. The gloves also have a strapping system that supports the wrist and its ligaments, preventing fighters from injuring their wrists. Seeing this, I think you’re like me, we’re all proud of Wittman’s design. It seems like he allows us to be bolder in wrestling with our opponents. But the answer is TBD.

Can Wittman MMA Bloves be brought into the octagon by the UFC?

As we know, the UFC is currently the world’s largest MMA competition, UFC full name “Ultimate Fighting Championship”, because of its venue in a mesh octagon, so it is also called “cage fighting”.

While being a traditional sports event league, the UFC is also one of the largest sports business leagues in the world like the NBA and NBL. So if ONX Gloves wants to get into that world-famous Octagon and become a new option for many amateur or professional MMA fighters, a business partnership with the UFC is a business topic that’s impossible to get around. What’s happening now is that the UFC wants to buy the patents for the design of Wittman’s MMA Gloves, and Wittman has rejected the deal for now. Then a seemingly great product design is suddenly faced with the problem of not being able to commercialize it well.

There’s definitely real value in Wittman’s design, and the UFC’s commercial reach is world-class; how to strike a balance between the two is a seemingly simple, yet difficult task.

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