Boxing Training Lesson 1: How to Throw a Punch

free boxing training course 1 how to throw a punch

A former professional boxer teaches you how to practice throwing punches. This is your first step to start learning to box. Check out the free online tutorials!

Straight Punch / Jab

How to practice straight punches for beginners

The straight punch is the most basic and commonly used by every good grappler. This boxing method throws more consecutive punches per unit of time than others, especially the consecutive straight punch action of the left straight punch. A straight punch is a method of striking that follows a straight line of motion from the time the punch is thrown to the target being struck. Straight punches are generally used in offense or conscious retreat to disrupt the opponent’s movements and disorganize the opponent’s position and are the main means of seizing victory.

Features of Straight Punch

Front and back: Jab (straight front hand) Cross (straight backhand)

Left and Right: Straight left Straight right

The striking route is a straight line, fast, hard, sudden, simple, and easy to use the body’s power. Compared with other boxing styles, the movement is simple and widely used, and it is one of the most used attacking techniques in the competition.

Straight Punch skills

  • First, the punch should be struck in a straight line and retracted in a straight line.
  • Second, the speed of striking and retracting should be equally fast and agile.
  • Third, when throwing punches, utilize a combination of stomping and turning forces.
  • Fourth, when striking the upper body with a left (right) straight punch, be careful to prevent the opponent’s right (left) punch from meeting it.

Swinging Punches / Hook

How to practice swinging punches for beginners

A swinging fist is a punch thrown in an arc from left to right or right to left: it is generally used in “combat” at close range and is usually aimed at the left and right cheeks of the head. The swinging fist is a bent, flat arm, with the right hand swinging to the left and the left hand swinging to the right, striking the sides of the enemy’s face, i.e. the left and right cheeks. Take the right pendulum fist as an example: fighting style stand, back foot stirrups the ground, fierce turn waist and hip, drive the right arm pendulum, the center of the fist down, the arc can not be too large, affecting the speed. Swinging Punches go arc, punch orientation hidden, short time, can side attack, also through the slippery step and body coordination from the side to attack the opponent.

Principles of swinging punching

  • The swinging punch should be supported by the elbow and shoulder. Shoulder as the support point, when practicing, carefully experience how to shorten the line of motion and arc of the pendulum punch.
  • Don’t make any extra movements before throwing the punch.
  • Maintain the balance of the body before and after the punch, and keep the center of gravity between the legs.
  • To prevent your chest and ribs from being exposed after throwing a punch, it is best to block with one hand to prevent your opponent’s counterattack.


How to practice Uppercut for beginners

The basic techniques of the hook, which is an arcing strike and is used as a close-range attack, are generally categorized into four types. Flat Hook, Uppercut, Side Hook, and Oblique Uppercut. The strikes, power methods, footwork, and center of gravity of these four types of hook punches are the same, only the direction of the strike and the target area are different.

Principles of Uppercut

  • Left Hook: based on the fighting potential, the upper body is slightly to the left downward turn, the left leg slightly bent, the center the slightly sunken, the left arm is bent about 90 degrees, followed by the left foot stomping on the ground, the body to the right turn, driven by the left fist from the bottom of the front over the top (in front) hook, hooking the height of the lower jaw (abdomen, ribs) and the same height, the focus point in the fist; the right hand to protect the jaw, the eye in the direction of the attack. After striking, the fist is quickly withdrawn into a fighting position.
  • Right hook: the same as the left hook, in the opposite direction.
  • Requirements: turn the body with the fist hooking swiftly, short force.

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