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boxing lessons for beginners

Boxing Lessons For Beginners

Boxing Lessons For Beginners. Boxing is a kind of scientific spirit that constantly pursues objectivity and innovation, which gradually strengthens people’s physical ability to “adapt to nature, fight against nature, and transform nature“, and at the same time, boxing can improve human physiological functions.

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What will you learn? What do you need to prepare for boxing?

What is included in the Basic Boxing Program?

The content of the boxing program consists of a variety of boxing techniques, footwork, tactical use and related physical fitness training.

  1. Boxing Skills: These include right and left hand straight punches/Jab, Hooks, Swinging Punches and various combinations. These techniques are the core of the boxing program and are designed to teach students how to effectively attack their opponents.
  2. Boxing Footwork: learning how to move your feet to maintain balance and effectively approach or move away from your opponent is essential to maintaining an advantage in a fight.
  3. Boxing Tactical Use: This includes the use of general tactics such as how to set traps and how to defend against counter attacks. The study of these tactics helps students make more informed decisions during the game.
  4. Physical Fitness Training: This includes training in reaction ability, speed of movement, flexibility and coordination. These drills help to improve the overall athleticism of the trainee and the efficiency of execution of boxing skills.

In addition, the course may include theoretical instruction on the origins, development, classification, and characteristics of the sport of boxing, as well as practical sparring exercises to enhance the beginner’s real-world ability and understanding of the sport.

What is the essential boxing equipment for beginners?

  1. Hand wraps: Hand wraps belong to personal items clean and hygienic! It is best to prepare a pair of cotton with elastic, which is comfortable! Girls recommend 4.5m boys 5m!
  2. Boxing gloves: general boxing gym will provide, you can according to their own budget to get a pair! Boys training target shooting recommended 12oz real combat 16-18 oz girls recommended 8-10 oz.
  3. Boxing shoes: Muay Thai, free fighting, mixed martial arts, sparring, is not wearing shoes training, only boxing wear shoes, beginners suggest that the usual sports shoes can be.
  4. Mouth guard/crotch guard/head guard: Beginners just started is not recommended to get these equipment, has not yet entered the practical stage, you can buy according to the coach’s recommendations.
  5. Shorts: If you want to look professional and have a sense of atmosphere you can get a pair of economical and comfortable shorts according to your own preferences.
  6. Breathable Sleeveless Vest: Personally, I would recommend getting one, otherwise wearing half-sleeves and long-sleeves can be a bit of a hindrance to punching.
  7. Sweat-absorbing headband: for girls boxing is a must, to prevent sweat flow into the eyes, choose a cotton sweat-absorbing effect is good!
  8. Sportsbro: This is very much needed for girls, regular underwear can be very embarrassing when you don’t train properly! So it must be prepared!

Boxing Lessons Sources For Beginners

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