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Createsomes Tesla USB Hub Docking Docking Station

Hello everyone, This is Createsomes.Today is the first issue of Tesla’s new small strip expansion dock evaluation and sharing.

The several central control expansion docks that have been evaluated for you before are all styles with a relatively wide diameter and a relatively complicated design.This small strip docking station maintains the same minimalist style as Tesla. Except for 4 interfaces, there is no other redundant design on the surface. The color tone of technological gray is also very close to the original car. It is integrated with the center console after installation. It can’t be seen that it is a rear attachment at all, and the style is very consistent. Compared with the central control expansion dock shared before, it is about twice as small in size, and the surface is also on the same level as the central console. It really blends into one.

Have you noticed that compared to other types of expansion docks, the input port of this expansion dock has two data cables?This is actually what makes this docking station satisfy me. The data cable on the left supplies power to the three 7.5w ports on the left and the data cable on the right supplies power to the Type-C fast charging port on the right.It is this separate power supply design that allows this fast charging port of this expansion dock to reach 27W power charging. Currently, the fast charging of expansion docks on the market is generally around 20w. In contrast, 27w is still much faster.

Overall, I am quite satisfied with this expansion dock. The appearance is simple, and compared with Tesla’s interior, the fast charging speed is currently the fastest among the tested expansion docks, but only the fourth C port supports fast charging. The price is also low. It is about 30% lower than other expansion docks on the market, and it is more cost-effective.

Riders who like simplicity can consider this expansion dock Riders who like a stronger sense of technology can consider this expansion dock with ring lights.

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