2023 Tesla’s Development Pace Issues

Tesla Gigafactory In Shanghai By Createsomes

We think the problem with Tesla now is that the pace of development is relatively slow.

● About 4680 battery

A few days ago, Tesla announced that it will invest $3.6 billion in two new factories in Nevada to produce 4680 batteries and an electric heavy-duty truck Semi. Capacity 100GWh.

The first Giga factory in Nevada, which was put into operation in 2014, has a battery capacity of 35 GWh, and this time it will add 100GWh of 4680 battery capacity. It was originally stated in Battery Day that it will reach 100GWh in 2022, that is to say, after 2022, Tesla is sure that this matter can be spent a lot of money on it. As for the timetable for the entire production, it is not yet clear.

● New platform and model improvements

This is also a big problem. Tesla is developing new models, including the facelift of the original Model 3. The entire schedule shows us that Tesla’s product iterations are actually carried out around systems and core elements, but the overall progress is not so fast. In terms of creativity, American engineers have an advantage; but in terms of the progress of the completion time, it is indeed a bit delayed.

Tesla’s 2022 is still amazing for competition in the auto industry, but investors have put forward higher requirements. If you want to stand out from the crowd, you must have enough skills. Can Elon Musk, who is distracted at N, drive this aircraft carrier well?

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