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Here at Createsomes, we aim to create a healthy lifestyle that assists every individual in keeping a strong posture, unwinding, and streamlining a pain-free life and at the same time feeling and looking amazing.  

The core values we’ve built and operate are letting us empower our staff to deliver the best posture correctors and nursing care-related devices and enable them to improve the quality of life for every individual.

Our Collection

Posture Correctors

Lumbar Braces

Neck Relief

Music Boxing Machine

One-Punch™ Music Boxing Machine

posture corrector

Orthopedic posture corrector- Createsomes Pose 1 series


Widened shoulder straps, strong pulling effect
comfortable shoulders can be quickly hit the shoulders to make breathing more smoothly
Hollow automatic and intelligent adjustment webbing the back two tissue belts are cross-stressed, intelligently adjusted to the center point of easy deformation of the spine, the force is more scientific

Fabric Composition

Polyester 90% Spandex 10% / Nylon 82% Spandex 18%
Three-layer composite structure + punching and ventilation
Double-layer composite structure + punching and ventilation
Fish bone + soft memory support board

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One-Punch™ smart music boxing machine

One-Punch™ Smart Music Boxing Machine


⭐️The One-Punch™ Boxing Machine is a new home fitness equipment that can be used as a home entertainment device, listening to music and boxing, to release your stress.

Music Function: Support AI music algorithm; Support custom music rhythm; Play 500 songs of selected popular music (music library is updated regularly)

App intelligent interconnection: Exclusive smart app;5.0 Bluetooth high-speed communication;Built-in mass music;Update popular songs every week;hit scoring system;1V1 Exclusive Fitness Course

Lighting Effect: RGB infinitely adjustable light color 255 colors; Indicator light guides the hitting position; The lights appear according to the rhythm of the music

Product Quality:Children’s skin-friendly material; Beat violently, the rebound is obvious, and there is a sense of impact; Strike panel is ergonomically designed; Can be a variety of combination boxing modes; Can withstand impact weight 200kg.

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