Smart Music Boxing Machine System: A new revolution in home fitness and entertainment  

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The One-Punch™ Boxing Machine from Createsomes is a remarkable piece of home fitness equipment that serves a dual purpose: it’s not only a boxing trainer but also a source of entertainment. Here are some key features:
Fitness and Stress Relief: The One-Punch™ Boxing Machine allows you to engage in a boxing workout, releasing stress and boosting your fitness. Imagine throwing punches to the rhythm of your favorite tunes!
Music Integration: As you box, you can listen to music, making your workout sessions more enjoyable. It’s like having a personal DJ and boxing coach rolled into one.
Home Entertainment: Beyond fitness, this smart machine doubles as a home entertainment device. Whether you’re jamming to music or practicing your boxing moves, it adds an element of fun to your daily routine.
If you’re curious to learn more, check out the official video showcasing the perfect blend of music, boxing, and technology. Upgrade your home fitness gear with the One-Punch™ Smart Music Boxing Machine! 🥊🎶
Enjoy the music boxing

Top 5 Smart Music Boxing Machine Features You Must Read

Music + Lights + Punching Bag + APP 

= New Home Fitness & Entertainment 

  1. Smart App and Punching Bag Combination Makes Home Fitness Smarter.
  2. Music and Boxing Combination Enhances Fun and Entertainment in Family Fitness.
  3. AI data support and APP perfect interactive experience, let you know in time how hard you punch, and the accuracy of the rhythm.
  4. Competitive mode with timely scoring allows you to PK with players from all over the world.
  5. Exercise makes us healthy, and health is the best gift we can give our family and friends.

Wall mounted boxing machine, 4 layers of EVA shock absorption and noise reduction hits do not disturb your neighbors.

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How Does The Smart Music Boxing Machine Work?

The core component of our intelligent musical boxing machine consists of a snowflake-like-shaped striking panel, complete with six separate target zones with powerful sensors.

When boxing, the runway light emanates from the center of the guard and is directed toward one of the six-hit zones. The user simply hits the target when it lights up, and the sensor is colored differently for a correct hit and for a timeout or wrong hit.

However, simple light changes are not enough to get immersed. So, we also add a musical element. Combine the light changes with the music melody, and in the time it takes for a few songs, the daily exercise goal is reached.

one punch music boxing machine

The lights really change to the rhythm of the music

Cool actions:

  1. – Choose Your Preferred Lighting Ambiance
  2. – Over 5,000 Handpicked Tracks
  3. – Designed for Optimal Space Efficiency
  4. – Up to 440 lbs with Unyielding Strength

🥊Punching and hit the boxing target🎯 Bingo!!!

smart music boxing machine
Onepunch music boxing machine APP screenshot 1
Onepunch music boxing machine APP screenshot 2
Onepunch music boxing machine APP screenshot 3

smart music boxing machine APP?

iOS Store or Google Play: One_Punch  / Click here APK download 

  • Open APP
  • Connect APP with mobile by Bluetooth
  • Choose music in homepage or upload any musics you like
  • Turn on the music and enjoy boxing now
  • Smart APP Cloud Platform 
  • Global competition mode, so fucking cool!
  • Boxing counter display
  • Calorie consumption display
  • Boxing measurement display
  • Self-selected music
  • Bluetooth connection APP control

📣📣📣Kind reminder:

If you can’t get the APP download guide in other shopping platforms, then you have to be careful whether their goods are the “Smart, Smart, Smart” music boxing machine you want. 21 kilograms of goods weight, the combination of software and hardware can’t be realized by the price of less than 200 US dollars.

As Seen smart music boxing machine product videos On YouTube @Createsomes

  • The newest smart music boxing machine trend on YouTube.
  • More music boxing product reviews in real life!

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About Createsomes was established in 2021. We pay attention to everyone’s physical health and hope that everyone can have a healthy body and maintain a confident state. We combine rhythm technology with workouts from trainers and brings fitness to home. Today we offer you the best smart music boxing machine. It is an smart music boxing exercise machine as well as a music game. Hope you can be our user and love our product creativity. 


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